Image Capture

Making reproductions from your artwork at Studio1

Your artworks are in safe hands. At Studio 1 we are experienced in producing limited edition prints of your artwork. These are the steps:

Digitising Original Artwork

1) Image Capture

Image capture is the digitising of your artwork for prints or digital presentation. At Studio1 we are fully set up with a dedicated photo studio, with proper lighting and post-processing of the images. If your works are too big to be transported, we can arrange to come to your place with our mobile lighting equipment.

Your works will be captured in a controlled light atmosphere, with colour management in place. You will receive high res images for printing and low res images for emailing and the web.

If you want high quality fine art prints then this is the first necessary step. It is recommended that you get 1-2 prints done at the same time to be able to match, as best as possible, to the original.

Printing original artworks

2) Printing

We can print your artwork on a wide range of fine art papers and canvas, either as a limited or open edition.

Good quality, colour correct printing is dependent on the selected printing paper and archival printing inks. If we print your images as an edition fine art print, we will match the original's colour to the best of our technologies’ ability. This matching of tones and colours is called colour proofing. We need to compare print samples with the original artwork and make adjustments as necessary.

Once set up, your image can be printed a limitless number of times in the future, as long as you stay with the same paper type and printer. The same file will look different when printed on different printers and paper.

Mounted limited edition print

3) Mounting / Framing

To finish and present your new print in a professional manner we can mount and or frame it to your suit your style. We are experts at creating art work frames from contemporary frames to box frames. Please check with us for available options.

Print on demand

No need to order the full amount of edition prints in one go. You can get as few or as many prints as you need with every order.

Giclee printing

Giclee print is a popular term used to describe a superior quality, fine art digital print made on inkjet printers, this is a service we provide our customers, though we prefer the term 'pigment print'.

Archival standards

At Studio 1 we are dedicated to adhere to archival standards (or sometimes called museum standards). We can provide acid free printing paper and use only original Epson inks, tested to last 200 years +.

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