Printing, Framing, Art supplies


Studio1 is fully set up to print and finish large scale on a variety of media including canvases and fine art papers. We can cater for sizes up to 44'' (111.8 cm) width by any length.

Being artists ourselves with years of experience in the industry, we can help you achieve the best results for your works. We have a vast knowledge regarding various exhibition displays, ranging from canvases, aluminium prints or acrylics. We do not print stationary but fine art prints for artists and photographers. High quality and customer care are important to us.



Printing photographs is Studio 1's main printing requirement. We pride ourself in achieving the best results possible from your given files, whether being exhibition prints or family snaps. We aim to keep customer care a priority.

At all times we stock a range of different photographic paper as well fine art papers. So whatever your requirements, let us help you display your photographs at the highest quality possible.

To get images printed just simply drop us an email and attach the file. Alternatively please contact us and we can provide you with our ftp details for file sizes up to 20 GB. Email us at:

Canvas Printing

Pictures on canvas are a very popular way of displaying your photographs. It can enhance every portrait, making it something really special.

Studio 1 is fully set up to print and stretch high quality canvas. We can also make stretchers for a canvas that you already have. May it be a photograph or painting. If you would like to add an extra we would suggest getting your stretched canvas framed in a contemporary tray frame.

Aluminium print

Prints on aluminium is a fairly new way of displaying pictures. Sheets of aluminium are custom cut to your required size and your pictures are then mounted onto the sheet. Hidden hanging kits on the back of the aluminium provide a distance from the wall and security. We would recommend getting the picture laminated at the same time to add extra security against eventual light fading and finger prints.


Laminating adds a protective layer to any flat surface print. It is recommended when mounting on aluminium or foamboard or whenever your pictures are displayed without a frame. It adds extra security against harsh influences of the sun or finger prints.

In addition laminates can add extra effects to your image, dim colours or make them more vibrant.


Dry-mounting is mounting service for all flat two dimensional artworks. Each piece is stuck on top of an adhesive film that is being applied with Studio 1's dedicated machinery. The advantage is a smooth flat artwork without the risk of buckling and turning as a result of temperature changes or moisture. To a certain extend we can also flatten out wrinkled papers. We use only materials provided by Drytac, which is the industry leader for mounting products.

We can mount your artworks on a variety of media including mount board, foamboard, hardboard, mdf, aluminium and acrylic. We also do window mounts on acid free mountboard.

Limited edition prints

At Studio 1 we are greatly experienced in producing limited edition prints of your artworks. After the Image capture we can match prints to your original artwork through our dedicated colour management system. Most artist choose one of our fine art papers for reproductions as they have an original feel to them.

Please speak to us if you would like to see examples of previous works.

Archival standards

At Studio 1 we are dedicated to adhere to archival standards (or sometimes called museum standards). We can provide acid free printing paper and use only original Epson inks, tested to last 200 years +. In addition we only mount and laminate with hight quality materials onto acid free mount board.

Photo Restoration

We can restore your old and valued photographs for a flat fee of €39.95 per photograph. This price includes scanning of the original photograph and digital processing. You can then get the photograph printed at your desired size.

(printing cost not included and depends on desired image size)


Postage of your prints can easily be arranged. We offer two options for packaging: Roll pack or flat pack.

Roll pack is the economical way, whereas flat packing prints provides maximum quality.

Please include the delivery address in your order. We can accept Paypal, Cash, Cheque, Credit or Laser card. Please allow sufficient time for cheques to be cleared. Contact us for a quote on print and postage prices.