Framing Posters

We understand that some customers may not have spent a lot of money on a poster or print and so do not want to spend a lot on getting them framed. We can offer an alternative way of displaying the print: dry-mounted on black or white foamboard with bars at the back so it appears to float off the wall. We can also offer a cost-reduced way of framing posters.

Dry-mounting is mounting service for all flat two dimensional artworks. Each piece is stuck on top of an adhesive film that is being applied with Studio 1's dedicated machinery. The advantage is a smooth flat artwork without the risk of buckling and turning as a result of temperature changes or moisture. To a certain extend we can also flatten out wrinkled papers. We use only materials provided by Drytac, which is the industry leader for mounting products.

We can mount your artworks on a variety of media including mount board, foamboard, hardboard, mdf, aluminium and acrylic. We also do window mounts on acid free mountboard.