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Our framing service is provided by a guild commended framer and all the team at Studio1 are professional artists. We believe we can give our customers something different, something that is contemporary and that will stand out in a gallery or at home.

We aim to offer knowledgeable advice on our products and a friendly professional service to all our customers.

The frames we stock at Studio1 are of the highest quality and we aim to offer a choice that is slightly different from the rest. We provide artist quality contempory frames, which are usually square (and used as box frames) in a white/ off white or limed finish. At the same time we are noticing a renaissance of the more antique style frames.


We offer a range of mounting methods for artworks from the traditional style of window mounts (including double mounts and multi-aperture mounts) to the more contemporary way of floating the artworks on top of the mountboard.

Framing of Photographs

We specialize in framing photographs and feel we can advise our customers in choosing the right frame for their unique photograph, whether it’s a standard frame with mount or a more contemporary box frame. We usually advise that all photographs are dry-mounted and we can advise on the best substrate to use. Customers can choose from acid free mountboard, hardboard, foamboard and even dibond (aluminium).

Bespoke Framing

All the framing in Studio 1 is done to the standard of the Fine Art Trade Guild unless otherwise requested. The Fine Art Trade guild identifies high quality bespoke framers. Studio1 framer Niamh Lucey is a Guild Commended Framer.

She has a thorough knowledge of framing including framing to conservation level. She will be able to advise you on the best ways of framing to suit your framing needs. If conservation level is required that can be identified and catered for.

Niamh also has a Masters degree in Fine Art and is a practising artist herself. She has a thorough knowledge of contemporary framing for galleries and exhibitions and would be delighted to advise you on this.


Framing Textiles and Objects

Most textiles and objects, because they are three dimensional, need to be box framed. An ideal choice for football shirts, rugby shirts, medals, small sculptures, woven artworks etc.

A box frame is a very contemporary way of framing and some people choose it even if their artwork is not three dimensional. A space is created between the glass and the artwork being framed. The result is the artwork appears to be floating inside the frame.

Framing Posters

We understand that some customers may not have spent a lot of money on a poster or print and so do not want to spend a lot on getting them framed. We can offer an alternative way of displaying the print: dry-mounted on black or white foamboard with bars at the back so it appears to float off the wall. We can also offer a cost-reduced way of framing posters.

Dry-mounting is mounting service for all flat two dimensional artworks. Each piece is stuck on top of an adhesive film that is being applied with Studio 1's dedicated machinery. The advantage is a smooth flat artwork without the risk of buckling and turning as a result of temperature changes or moisture. To a certain extend we can also flatten out wrinkled papers. We use only materials provided by Drytac, which is the industry leader for mounting products.

We can mount your artworks on a variety of media including mount board, foamboard, hardboard, mdf, aluminium and acrylic. We also do window mounts on acid free mountboard.

Ready-made frames

We stock a range of ready made frames for smaller items or photos, all at standard sizes.

 save money...from as little as €9.99 per frame

Wedding frame

Why not getting some of your best photographs from the big day framed for a wonderful display at home or as a present to someone special.

If you are about to get married we can also offer this fantastic new idea...our special Studio1 - Wedding frame. We provide a frame and a mount for your party day where all your special guest can leave their wishes. On return we will include your own photograph and finish the frame up with glass to archival standards. Cost: €150

Gift vouchers

If you are looking for a great gift idea, please consider our Studio 1 - Vouchers. We can custom value each voucher to any amount you desire and each voucher can be redeemed against ANY of our services.